This the New Web Site of Ben Stroman – Currently the ScadaBen Site
is preparing to close down – This site has been developing very quickly and is just about ready to open.


Ben Stroman

We Added a Spirituality Page – Here is what it says:

This is the Spirituality Page of BenStroman.Com.

Ben Stroman is a Musician, Music Teacher and Video Maker retired and living on the Space Coast of Central Florida. Ben Stroman (Scadaben) was born in Charleston, South Carolina on November 5 1941, He grew up in the Holy City and has always felt it a privilege to be a Charlestonian. Most recently Ben Stroman was the Head Geek at a Large County Utility System for a really long time and now solves technical problems just the fun of it.

Holy Communion Altar

Holy Communion Altar

Ben grew up within the Episcopal Church of the Holy Communion as a boy and and a young man, he was an Acolyte, Server, and Crucifer there for many years, of course, he started out very young as a lowly candle bearer.

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