The Question of Facebook

Because of the possible interest in using a FaceBook Page for communication between church members, and personal communication between Christions, I posed the following question:

“A Question About FaceBook? I know lots of Christians, active church members, friends that are concerned with the spiritual side of life, and some clergy and pastors, who are on FaceBook. There are also FaceBook Pages for Churches and Church Functions. I am working on a website for our church, and the question has come up with the Elders and our Rector about also using FaceBook as a Commication Tool. I am wondering how some of you feel about FaceBook. I can see it a very useful communication tool – you can uplift and support others. Offer a word of encouragement, learn of others who are in need of prayer, it just seems that there are many opportunities available for believers in the way of fellowship. What is your feeling on this subject. …. Thanks, Ben”

Responses So Far

Chris Gill (My Nephew, ex-marine Med-Evac Helicopter crewmember in Iraq, currently in Alabama)

My feeling on this is that, like anything else on the internet, it can be a double edged sword. Discernment, temperance and mutual accountablity is important to all facets of a Church body and is, all the more, critical to keeping something like facebook from becoming a descructive force in that body. People are always more willing to write something unkind or spread gossip in these kinds of forums and will often use language they would never use when face-to-face. (This is not just a middle school problem) Following Paul’s advice in Romans about guarding against division is key. Another pitfall is allowing it to replace personal fellowship. Messages and greetings can quickly replace phone calls and personal visits which will make a community spiritually dry very quickly. However, it can be very useful for announcing events, giving a discussion forum about ideas for those events that allow everyone to have input without the headache of having to plan meetings around everyone’s schedule
and a way to just say a quick hello when your personal time is just too busy. (sometimes life, work, etc can get that way) Like any other new idea that is introduced to a Church body, it must be tested by the Spirit and scripture and if it fails must be discarded. I hope this helps. It is good to see that kind of concern among other believers and churches. All-too-often these kinds of ideas are implemented for the sake of relevance without weighing the consequences, to the peril of the body and our faith as a whole. God bless,


Response by Jan McLarty, Graphic Designer and Internet Communications Specialist.

Like all other media, Facebook is a vehicle. In fact, it is a place of mass transit. Whether it is a destructive force, or helpful mode of transport depends upon the individuals behind their little steering wheels. For those who reflect the Lord, it is a place to shine, share, support, and care in a global capacity. For the mean-spirited, as in any social environment, it can be a place to shoot their poison arrows.


From Ellen Nueves, lifetime friend of the Stroman Family

Chris, you’re a child of God, and its heartwarming to read your opinion. So true of the ease of the internet greeting replacing the personal communication and visits, but it also keeps doors open when there there might not be any communication at all between old and cherished friends/relatives.

Then there is that terrible other side of the double edged sword.

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Picasno Test

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Lots to Learn

There are certainly a lot of Plug-Ins for Word Press.  Right now I am working on a plug-in that will allow a lot of control over embedding video from other sites such as You-Tube and Vimeo.  Very Interesting.

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NextGen Gallery Configuration Help

Very Nice Configuration Help for NextGen Gallery

Prepared by David Potter, this is a very thourough guide to the initial setup and configuration of this fantastic image management and viewing program for online use.

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Starting to Take Shape

You may have noticed in the last 24 hours that the site is really starting to change and take form. A great deal of that is thanks to my dear friend Jan McLarty, who is a very fine graphics designer, and a particlarly well versed web developer. You can find examples of her work at JCHost.COM.

Jan and I are also working on a site for Glory of God,  Anglican Church in Cocoa.  That is really coming along nicely, we hope to collect a number of nice photographs for the church site over the next few days.

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Improving Daily

Things are coming along very well – the site is improving daily, and I am becoming more and more familiar with the paramaters within WordPress.  It is a great program, especially when you add NextGen Gallery.  I have been doing more ” Experimenting” than going through tutorials.  I guess it is just my way of learning – break it and see if you can fix it.  Lots of Fun, if you don’t panic.

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Configuring NextGen Gallery

Installed NextGen Gallery – set up a test gallery – seems quite impresssive.

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We Like Word Press

There are some problems – little bumps in the road when you start out – but, WordPress seems quite Nice

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Testing NextGen Gallery



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Word Press Amazing

Word Press is an amazing program with lots of add-ons and Plug-ins to do a range of things

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