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Good Work Videos

Here are some videos that I made in January and February prior to entering the Hospital for Hip Replacement

There were several guys who come to our Food Ministry at Glory of God Anglican Church. They are always there helping out bringing in hundreds of pounds of food donated by retailers, later in the morning they bring back the carts after people take their groceries out to cars. They are essentially homeless – but they are resourceful. They may not be able to afford gasoline and cars, but they can ride a bicycle for 10 to 15 miles to do work.

When I needed to do a lot of landscaping at my home to accomadate a septic tank – drainfield replacement, I started using them to do the work since I have a bad hip. I have been more than pleased. If anyone wants to have work done, I can put you in touch with them.

Here are some photographs of their work around my place, and a comical little video of them laying down paving stones. New today is a video of Church Yard Cleanup on Saturday December 28 2013.

Raised Garden

Raised Garden

Stone Walkway

Stone Walkway and Landscaping WorkHexagonal Garden

Hexagonal Garden

SlideShow with Music made for Pastor Appreciation Sundy

Morning Song

River Photos and Music 2013 0928

Breakfast of Champions

Our Latest Effort for Glory of God Anglican Church – “Breakfast of Champions”

YouTube Preview Image

Daybreak at the Beach – New Music Video

YouTube Preview Image

Some video on the beach, and some piano recorded at our church on the Kurzweil Electronic Piano – a far brighter sounding instrument than my Kawei Digital Piano. Music performed and recorded by Ben Stroman, as well as the video.

Latest Video

In The Video by Others Section
New Documentary From Haiti by Max Oden
Haiti 2010

Humming Birds are Wonderful

Humming Birds are Wonderful

In The Video Section

Featuring Our Latest Video – This one is “Humming Birds Are Wonderful” made on December 26 2009. Enjoy visits to the feeder on the day after Christmas, and a little Beethoven played by Ben Stroman.
Video by Ben Stroman, Music by Beethoven, Played by Ben Stroman

Pastor Appreciation Video – 2009

Glory of God Anglican Church’s Clergy Appreciation Video 2009

Pastor Appreciation

Pastor Appreciation

Just Added – STS 127 Endeavour

STS 127 Endeavour Launch video shot in our backyard, and J S Bach Organ sound on Keyboard by Ben Stroman Watch the Video

STS-127 Endeavour

STS-127 Endeavour

Glory Church on Facebook

Glory of God Church in Cocoa has been on Facebook for a while now and very active – we now have a page on Facebook rather than a personal profile like an individual. We have already received accolades –
Very nice!

Glory of God Anglican Church on Facebook

Glory of God Anglican Church on Twitter

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